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Can Our Double Glazing Canberra Products Really Reduce Heat Loss And Save You Money?


If you are looking for the most energy-efficient double glazing Canberra has to offer for either the new home that you are building or your renovations that will replace your existing windows, it is high time that you take a closer look at the enormous benefits of installing Canberra double glazing for both your doors and windows.


Double glazing as well as triple glazing comes with so many important advantages over single glazed windows. Let’s take a look at what these glazed units are and why double glazed products are a must for all types of houses and their overall benefits.

So What Exactly Is Insulated Glazing Or Double Glazing As Its More Commonly Known?


So what is double glazing or insulated glazing also known as double-pane. These are glass window panes made up of two layers of glass that are separated by a space filled with gas or vacuum creating an internal cavity, or spacer bar as it’s called.


This will then significantly reduce the heat transfer of your windows and doors. Because glass panes are great conductors of heat that’s why double glazing is so effective in making a home a lot more thermal efficient in retaining heat therefore lowering your overall energy costs.


These insulated glass units are made (manufactured) in a variety of different thicknesses anywhere from 3mm right up 10mm. With most double glazed units the thickness of both panes of glass is usually the same but can be different when being used for specialized applications like security or acoustic reasons.


Insulated glazing has evolved from the days of storm windows or double hung windows as they were called. Normal single-glazed units only had one layer of glass and during the summer months a screen (fly screen) would be used to keep out insects.

From Storm Windows To Modern Retrofit Double Glazing Units.


Whilst during winter these screens would be replaced with a storm window which then created a second layer of insulation. These could be fitted both externally and internally and be either permanent or temporary depending on how they were mounted.


Once fitted into place they improved the insulation value (u-value) of the existing windows and helped reduce heat loss and ultimately create better thermal comfort. In cold climates using storm windows was a very cost effective inexpensive way to reduce a homes over all heat loss which could be as high as 50%.


With today’s technology and advances we are now able to manufacture insulated glazing known as double glazing and triple glazing units that not only insulate your home but provide better security whilst looking great and being low maintenance.

The Old Process Using Storm Window Insulation

storm window insulation

Double glazing in the ACT have become extremely popular and with winter heating costs rising it makes sense to install quality glazed products that insulate your home and reduce your overall heating bills. The majority of home owners in the city and its surrounding suburbs have come to understand the enormous advantages of installing new and retrofit double glazing in their homes.


Canberra double glazing windows help keep your home warmer in winter and cooler during the summer months. The latest technology in this industry has produced modern glass types that can enhance the thermal effects within your home. This special glass is known as Low E-glass, which helps reduce the heat loss by upto 54%.


One reason that most home owners choose double or even triple glazed windows and doors is because of its energy efficiency. In fact, the layer between the two panes of glass in a double format causes a barrier that keeps the cold temperature on the outside from affecting the comfortable climate inside your home during the cold winter months.


In the same way, this layer reduces the impact of hot temperatures affecting the coolness inside your home during the hot summer months. This is why the majority of home owners know understand the enormous benefits of having double glazing and decide to install it to new homes as well as replacing windows in existing homes.

Condensation Can Destroy Windows – With Double Glazing Canberra Products This Can Be Eliminated.


Damaging water from condensation can be a real problem so reduced condensation is another important advantage of installing double glazing in your home. Condensation usually forms when cold air meets a warm surface. When you have installed double glazing windows in your home, the air or gas in-between the glass panes keep the inside glass at room temperature.


This helps eliminate condensation and dampness issues within your home. Even in the bathrooms, timber windows deteriorate quickly because of this condensation issue. Double glazing Canberra suppliers will help eliminate this issue altogether and prolong the lifespan of your windows.

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